2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

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Exhibits Category

A.    Internet of Energy and Communications Technology and Equipment:

Energy comprehensive display of Internet network operators, system integrators, energy information  fusion application developers, IOT technology, cloud computing technology, multi-grid integration technology, transmission technology and equipment, access equipment, optical fibers and cables, industrial Ethernet, data  communications and network technology and related products, factory communications  equipment, power line carrier, supporting equipment and meters, digital microwave  communications equipment, test equipment & instruments and meters, online monitoring equipment, etc.

B.    Hydrogen Fuel Cell:

Hydrogen Production/Supply, Hydrogen Storage/Transportation, Hydrogen Refueling Station, Fuel Cell Vehicle, Fuel Cell System, Fuel Cell Stack, Component and Material, Related Equipment and Device, Test and Analysis Device

C.    Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Materials:

Compressed air energy storage, pumped storage, superconducting magnetic storage, flywheel storage, thermal/cool storage, hydrogen storage and storage technology and equipment for plug-in electric vehicles, various types of batteries (nickel-hydride batteries, lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lead-acid batteries, smart batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries), energy storage power supply, super capacitors, renewable fuel batteries, flow batteries, etc.

D.    Distributed Generation and Micro Grid, Energy Storage Power Station and EPC Project:

Battery management system, PCS energy storage inverters, micro-grid, the distributed power connected net, micro grid PV inverter, solar photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic power cogeneration, gas cogeneration and gas distributed generation system, heat exchanger equipment, wind power distributed power generation; electric vehicle charging station and facilities related, etc.

E.    Grid-connection of New Energy Power Generation & Smart Power Transmission and Distribution:

Grid-connected inverters, light DC equipment, operation monitoring devices, grid-connected control systems, flexible power transmission equipment, extra-high-voltage power transmission equipment, high-temperature superconducting devices, high-temperature superconducting cables, distribution automation systems and protection devices, intelligent switchgear, transformers, smart components, digital substations, integrated substation automation, distribution network automation devices, power transmission and distribution online monitoring, fault diagnosis and self-recovery devices, power quality monitoring, harmonic suppression and reactive compensation, superconducting electrical technology, new types of electric wires and cables, composite materials, safety protection devices, thyristor controlled series capacitor, state monitoring device, power transmission equipment, lightning location system, lightning protection, intelligent diagnosis and assessment of condition based maintenance technology, intelligent disaster prevention and simulation technology, etc.

F.    Smart Power Utilization Management, Grid Dispatching and Automatic Control:

Smart grid dispatching systems, comprehensive dispatching data systems, grid safety and control, smart inspection systems, integrated test and control protection & arc suppression and route selection systems, safety and stability control system solutions, power monitoring systems and microprocessor-based relay protection, dynamic wide area monitoring systems, grid stability online monitoring system, smart reactive compensation devices of distribution network, control software, remote control and telemetering devices, large screen display systems, power system simulation, GIS combination electric appliance, Sf6 circuit breaker, smart meters and chips, remote/centralized meter reading systems, power utilization data collection systems, power utilization management data systems, load management terminals, control systems, test devices, metering cabinets and components, measuring instruments, sensors, semiconductors, etc.

G.    Electrically Powered UAV and robot:

Unmanned fixed wing aircraft, unmanned VTOL aircraft, unmanned airship, unmanned helicopter, unmanned multi rotor aircraft, airborne optoelectronic pod, airborne laser scanning radar, infrared imager / ultraviolet imager, wire damage detector, ground monitor and control integrated security unit equipment and system, substation inspection robot, transmission line inspection robot, electric operation robot, power cable tunnel patrol equipment;

H.    New Energy Vehicles (Passenger Vehicles/Business Vehicles), Charging Facility

Electric van, electric car, electric sight-seeing bus, electric golf cart, cleaning trolley, hybrid car, solar energy electric vehicle, light electric car (micro hybrid, light hybrid, moderate hybrid, heavy hybrid and plug-in hybrid), battery electric vehicle, fuel cell electric vehicle, and hybrid vehicle with hydrogen energy and other new energy and clean fuel and various low emission environment friendly vehicles; Charging station, Charging post; Smart network program plan for charging station and its results display, intelligent network core technology.

I.      Others

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